Baptism Requirements for Saint Thomas Aquinas

1.) Parent(s) must be registered, participating parishioners* for at least two months.

a.) If they are not yet registered, but wish to have their child Baptized, they must meet with the Pastor prior to registering.

2.) Baptisms take place on Sundays, usually at 2:00pm, but during the 11:30am Mass on the third Sunday of each month. The date will not be scheduled until all requirements are fulfilled and necessary documentation is received in the Parish Office.  Exceptions require the Pastor’s approval.

3.) Parents and godparents must attend a baptism preparation class. Godparents who are not members of St. Thomas Aquinas may attend the class in their parish. Attendance at the class must be noted on the godparents’ letter of eligibility* (sponsor certificate) from their parish. (See #9, below.)

4.) There are normally two godparents (one male and one female) chosen for the child. A child must have at least one godparent in order to be baptized.

5.) A parent cannot serve as a godparent.

6.) A godparent must be a practicing Catholic, at least 16 years of age, who has received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation.

7.) A non-Catholic, baptized Christian may serve as a Christian witness, but not as a godparent.

8.) A person who is not baptized cannot serve as a Christian witness.

9.) Godparents must provide a letter of eligibility (*sponsor certificate), i.e. a letter from their current parish stating that they meet all the above-named requirements to act as a godparent. This letter must also indicate that they have attended a baptism preparation class, unless the godparents have attended said class here in our parish and are listed on the roster for that class. (See #3, above.)

10.) Parents must complete the “Application for Baptism” and provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate. These documents, along with the sponsor certificate(s) must be returned to the parish secretary before the date of the baptism can be scheduled.

11.) If these requirements are not met, the Baptism will not be performed.

*Regular use of your offertory envelopes assures your continued membership in the parish. Baptism Registration Form      

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