A Reader is any lay minister who reads from the Lectionary at the Liturgy of the Word section of Holy Mass.  The Reader is entrusted with the Word of God.  The Reader is the mouthpiece of God to say something modern, something that applies to the world today.

How to Join

If a member of the faithful here at St. Thomas Aquinas Church desires to become a Reader, they must fulfill certain criteria before they are commissioned.  That is, they must be a:

 1)  Baptized Catholic registered in this parish,
 2)  Catholic in good standing with the Church,
 3)  Outstanding in Christian life,
 4)  Must believe in God,
 5)  Know the value of making Sunday worship the highlight of their week,
 6)  Seek to serve the people of God,
 7)  Complete the Consent for Background Check,
 8)  Receive comprehensive instruction.

Once a person has completed the training, which is offered every quarter during the year, the applicant’s data sheet is presented to the pastor for approval.


Readers are asked to prepare thoroughly for both readings prior to the scheduled Holy Mass so that they have the time to consult with the Holy Bible. They will obtain a better understanding of the meaning of the Sacred Scriptures thereby being  able to convey the correct meaning of the particular scripture to the congregation.  It also provides time to review difficult words for the correct pronunciation; as incorrect pronunciations can undermine an otherwise fine proclamation.

We ask that you commit to a particular Holy Mass for scheduling purposes; although, once approved you may serve at any Holy Mass.  A quarterly schedule is made up by the Liturgical Ministry Coordinator and you will be asked to serve when scheduled.  If a conflict arises you are asked to find a substitute to fill in for you.  All your communication will be through the Coordinator.  Depending on the Holy Mass time you may be asked to serve approximately three to four times a quarter.

We ask that you do not serve in two ministries at a particular liturgy.  In an emergency, exceptions are made by the presider.

We ask that the minister be dressed appropriately when serving in their capacity of Reader.  It is an awesome privilege to be able to proclaim God’s Word so what you wear has a direct effect on how it is received.  What we wear should not draw attention from the Lord’s Word.  The congregation should be able to focus on the Word that is proclaimed.

Registration Form

A detailed data sheet as well as the Consent for Background Check form is completed at the time of the training.

More Information

Contact the Liturgical Ministry Coordinator Deacon Joe Diaz.