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Independent Study Program

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The Independent Study Program is for children enrolled in a public school whose parents would like to teach their children the Faith in the setting of the home versus in the traditional RE classroom. This is different from Catholic Home school, as those students do not attend a school outside the home.


  1. Our parish is using the online program called My Catholic Faith Delivered for the Independent Study Program. The curriculum is the Faith and Life Series that is used in the traditional RE program.      
  2. Families will be sent a username and password to login and will complete weekly lessons to finish all the chapters in the grade level course. The system is self-contained – there will not be ads or links outside the system.  Emailed reminders of completion targets will be sent monthly to help families stay on track with their courses.       
  3. As the primary educators of their children in the Faith, parents are encouraged to participate and interact with their students in the courses but are expected to allow their students to complete the quizzes with their own answers. A course and quiz may be taken more than once.        
  4. For a chapter to be considered “complete”, the student must pass the quiz with at least an 80%. To access the quiz, a student must complete each chapter of the online course.
  5. All chapters must be complete by Sunday, May 3, 2020. The chapters range in number by grade level. Failure to complete the chapters may result in inability to continue in the Independent Study program.
  6. Students are required to attend extra Religious Education activities throughout the year to join in our community.  A schedule of events will be sent via email with further instructions. Students will also complete any particular service projects. There are opportunities to complete the service project requirements. Please see the side bar for the schedule.
  7. Prayer is essential for the Catholic family life – particularly in the formation of young people.  With this in mind, it is expected that parents will do everything possible to participate in the liturgical and devotional life of the parish – especially by attending Sunday Mass weekly.

A parent survey will be sent at end of year regarding suggestions for improvement, items to change, etc. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the program.