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Our New Baldacchino

Project Update

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Update: Monday, April 30, 2018

Dear Parish Family,

I am pleased to report that we have settled upon Keach Construction as our general contractor for the sanctuary project.  As we finalize a few construction details we are able to address more specifically the two big questions that need answers, specifically schedule and cost.

Regarding schedule, the stone facing will be removed from the sanctuary wall during the week of May 14 to May 19.  Our Knights of Columbus are entrusted with this portion of the project.  They will store the stone until it is used for the construction of a Virgin Mary grotto on site.  The sanctuary will be isolated for construction from mid-May to mid-July.  During this time daily Mass and devotions will be relocated to another location on our campus.  However, we are working with the general contractor to continue our Sunday Mass schedule in the church.  Obviously, the sanctuary will be off limits and sectioned off from the main body of the church.  For the weekends we will create a temporary location for an altar and tabernacle in the center aisle.  As expected, we will have to push through some inconveniences. 

Regarding cost, as you might imagine these numbers are difficult to predict and are often underestimated.  The reasons for this are various, not the least of which are estimating labor costs and an evolving assessment of the work necessary to complete the job.  The net result is that our assessment was approximately $35,000 shy of our originally estimated cost.  I believe if everyone pitches in we should be able to close this gap rather quickly.  To this end, I am asking all parishioners to contribute what they can to this project. 

Over the past year, a number of people have approached me about whether more funds were needed because our previous goal was reached so quickly and they had yet to make a contribution.  I explained that there would come a moment when the actual costs would become known and then we would know how much more we would need to cover expenses.  Now is the time we need your help. 

Additionally, I respectfully make an appeal to those who have already so generously given and are in a position to make an additional contribution.  Your generosity is the reason we were able to get to this point.  I have been overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and support.  Please consider helping us get over the finish line. 

Finally, a donation can be made online, delivered or sent to the office, or placed in any offertory collection (provided that it is clearly marked).  We will recalibrate the poster board for the narthex to keep everyone updated as to our progress.  If at the time of construction we still have a balance, we will take up second collections until we reach our goal. 

We are so close.  We need this final push to put us over the top.  Thank you for your support as we reach this milestone in the life of our parish.


Fr. Winslow


Update: Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dear Parish Family,

Since the last update the sanctuary project ran into a  ‘hiccup.’  The plan did meet a specific square foot code requirement pertaining to sanctuary access.  It has taken some time to come up with a solution.  That said, it might have been a blessing in disguise.  I believe the current layout is the best one yet.  Please see the attached image.

Regarding schedule, I have given up trying to answer this question.  We have begun the permit process with the city.  Afterward we will seek bids from general contractors.  Once a contract is signed with the contractor, then we will put together a schedule.  As to how many weeks we will be inconvenienced by construction, we will not know until the contractor puts together a schedule.  As we reach these milestones in the project, I will keep you posted.

Finally regarding costs, I will repeat what I said in the last update.  It is my goal to bring this project to completion within our initial financial speculations.  A number of parishioners have mentioned to me that they have not yet given to the project but are still planning to.  I am grateful for your continued support.  As most of you are aware, cost-creep is unfortunately a common challenge with projects such as these.  They are most often the result of unforeseen expenses, increased labor costs, delays, etc…  We are monitoring the figures closely.  I will keep you posted.

Please keep this project in your prayers.  I believe this will be an exciting chapter in our parish history.


Fr. Winslow

Update: November 26, 2017

Dear Parish Family,

I want to take this opportunity to fill you in on our sanctuary renovation project.  Although it may seem as if little progress has been made, I assure you much has been unfolding behind the scenes. 

Upon raising the funds needed to begin this project at the end of August, we were able to employ an architect to assist with the design and structure of the sanctuary floor, wall and baldacchino footings/support rods.  As some of you may know, anytime there is construction there are permits and matters of code compliance that need attention.  We have been busy working with the architect, employing an engineer, determining the best sanctuary footprint and complying with city and state codes.  As of the writing of this letter I am assembling the final details to give to the architect for what I hope will be the last redacted floor plan.  As soon as it is complete I will have it posted in the narthex. 

Finally, it is my goal to bring this project to completion within our initial financial speculations.  A number of parishioners have mentioned to me that they have not yet given to the project but are still planning to.  I am grateful for your continued support.  As I see it, each family of the parish family has their own home.  But the parish church is the family’s chapel.  In this sense it is an extension of our home, the larger family chapel where we come together to pray and celebrate the sacred mysteries.  And so it stands to reason that all of us ought to be invested in its dignity and beauty. 

Fr. Winslow

On July 9th Father Winslow talked about the new Baldacchino that we have purchased to have installed at our parish in the coming weeks to honor Our Lady of Fatima on the 100th Anniversary for the Miracle that took place October 13th, 1917. Below are photos from the church where this Baldacchino was originally installed, which has recently closed. The goal needed to fully install this in our parish is $102,000, of which $78,000 has already been raised. Can you help with this effort? A collection will be taken up the weekend of July 16th or you can donate online

Want to hear Fathers Winslow & Christian talk about the sanctuary? Check out the homily for the 14th Sunday in Ordinary time at this link!


I want to take this opportunity to update you on our sanctuary project. Our effort to reach our financial goal of a total of $102,000 has been successful. Thank you. I have been truly moved by the overwhelming support and excitement for this project. The exact dollar amount of this project has yet to be determined. So far we have been operating from estimates. For this reason I still want to continue with our fundraising efforts. Any offerings can be sent to the office or deposited in the offertory in a clearly marked envelope. This past week I have met with the diocesan Facilities Director and several architects to discuss details. The next step is to choose an architect to draw the plans and then to secure bids from general contractors. There have been many great questions about various details. Such matters are still being sorted out. Once I have drawings I will make them available for all to see in the Narthex.

Fr. Winslow


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