Votive Candle Racks


The parish is in need of safer, more secure votive candle racks for the Church. 

As many of you know, St. Thomas' and other Catholic parishes in the Charlotte area have been vandalized recently, with particular emphasis by the thieves on votive candle racks.  Due to this vandalism, and age, St. Thomas' votive racks are in a sad state of disrepair, both from the perspective of safety and security.

St. Thomas' is committed to having real flame votive candles versus electric candles.  There is only one live flame candle system that the Diocese of Charlotte and our insurance company approve, which is St. Killian's, used in many Cathedrals, Basilicas, and Churches throughout the world, including but not limited to St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, and the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestojowa in Poland.

If you would like to help the parish get these votive candle racks, please contact the parish office.  We would love to have these beautiful new votive candle racks in place before Easter.  Thank you so much for helping us make the Church more beautiful!

The Safest, Cleanest, Smokeless Candle Burning System In The World

St. Killians is a revolutionary Candle Burning System that was invented to stop ongoing problems such as smoke damage to walls, ceilings and artwork and the more alarming issue of fire hazard in Cathedrals, Shrines and Churches.  With their Patented Glass System, the flame is protected at all times.

Their candles are made from the highest quality of paraffin wax with all of the impurities removed leaving just 100% refined paraffin.

The Unique Benefits of this Candle System