Enthronement of the Sacred Heart

We best evangelize when we live out our vocation to love one another. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the source of that love. Through the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in our Church and homes, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish is helping to build a civilization of love - one heart, one family, at a time. This ministry has helped to introduce the importance of the many blessings of the Enthronement in both our Church and the families that have made the decision to invite the Heart of Jesus into their homes. For more information on having an Enthronement in your home, please contact Geri King.

This ministry, started in 2012, has helped to introduce the importance and many blessings of the Enthronement in both our church and in the families who have made the decision to invite the Heart of Jesus into their homes. 

The goals of the Enthronement Ministry are to:

  • Promote and support the work of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in our parish church and in as many family homes as possible throughout the year.
  • Continue to Identify and train a core group of volunteers who feel God's call to assist in the ministry.  Currently there are eight promoters who assist families in preparing for their home Enthronements.  Look below to see a list of promoters and to learn more about serving in this ministry.
  • Prepare and assist married couples and single, separated, divorced and widowed persons in the preparation of having their homes enthroned.
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for continued study and growth through the many ministry resources of the Evangelization and Communications Commission.

For questions or for further information on signing up for your home Enthronement or becoming a ministry promoter, please e-mail Geri King.

To learn more about the Sacred Heart Apostolate, visit their website here.

Kelly Askey, Sussy Borrego, Marleny Buitrogo, Myrna Delacruz, Chris Goodman, John and Geri King, and Ai Lin Loh

In 2012, Saint Thomas Aquinas was blessed to host a parish mission which brought the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart Apostolate to our church.  Shortly after this mission, we Enthroned our sanctuary on the Feast of the Sacred Heart.  The work and mission of the Enthronement Apostolate is to promote the social reign of Jesus Christ in the world through families.  To do this work, some individuals felt God’s call to be promoters and advocates for this way of life, which has the power to transform hearts to be more perfect reflections of the Heart of Jesus.

The following people were called, trained and commissioned by our Pastor to help facilitate the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in our parish homes.

Their mission is to help families and individuals bring about an ongoing,  heart to heart relationship with the Person of Jesus through the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart.

If you are interested in joining those who have Enthroned their homes, or feel a calling to help serve as a promoter or prayer partner (Friends of the Sacred Heart) in this beautiful ministry, please talk with one of the promoters or email Geri King.