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How We Can Support Our Priests


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Ways We Can Support Our Priests
Prayers for Priests
Prayers for Seminarians & Vocations
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  • Pray for the Holy Father in a very special way, that he may have the health and strength to guide our church for many years to come.

  • Attend the Holy Mass and pray for priests worldwide.

  • Spend a holy hour in Eucharistic Adoration for our priests.

  • Volunteer to assist and serve your priests and community as a Eucharistic minister or church reader.

  • Stop whatever you are doing at 3pm which is the hour of Divine Mercy and spend a quiet moment praying in thanksgiving for our priests and contemplating the gift of Priesthood.

  • Pray the rosary for priests, in particularly the luminous and meditate on the Institution of the Eucharist the fifth mystery.

  • Pray in a special way for priests on the missions and who are persecuted.

  • Pray to the Saints most associated with the priesthood for the protection of our priest's.

  • Pray the St. Michael prayer for our priests daily.

  • Always thank a Priest for a homily he shared that greatly inspired you.

  • Always affirm a priest with a particular gift of the Holy Spirit that he as priest shares with the community.

  • Offer up the crosses of this your day for the priesthood.

  • Mail a thank you card to a priest.

  • Extend a handshake of friendship to a priest and thank him for being priest.

  • Have a mass said for our priests in thanksgiving for them or for their intentions.

  • Volunteer to assist and serve your priests and community as a Eucharistic minister or church reader etc.

  • Remember your priest with a card and a note of thanksgiving on their ordination anniversaries.

  • Celebrate world day of prayer for priests each year with a special celebration for your priests.           

  • Organize interviews on your local radio/tv station for your priests who have a special story of ministry to share with the local community.

  • Look for opportunities for our Priests to share their call to the priesthood with groups of young men.

  • Have a community gathering in the local parish hall to celebrate world day of prayer for priests.

  • Invite a priest for a game of golf.

  • Present your priest with the gift of a holiday/pilgrimage or retreat.

  • Offer to cut the grass or ask your priest is there anything he needs a helping hand with.