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May 15, 2022 - 5th  Sunday of Easter

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Attention All Young Men Ages 15-19!

  • Do you know where your life is going?
  • The Lord Jesus has a great plan for you!

You are invited to attend the ninth annual Quo Vadis Days camp to spend time with other young men your age looking at the Lord’s call in your life while having fun.

QVD is led by priests and seminarians of the diocese and is supported by the diocesan Office of Vocations.

Quo Vadis Days will be held from June 13-17, 2022 at Belmont Abbey College in Belmont. The cost of the camp is $150.00.

Registration deadline is Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

If interested, please visit our website, or contact Fr. Brian Becker,
Diocesan Promoter of Vocations.

Attention All Young Women Ages 15-19!

  • Do you know where your life is going?
  • Do you have a desire to grow deeper after the role model of our Lady?

You are invited to attend the sixth annual Duc In Altum camp to spend time with other young women your age looking at the Lord’s call in your life, while having fun and receiving the tools for a strong prayer life.

DIA is led by priests and religious of the diocese and is supported by the diocesan Office of Vocations.

Duc In Altum camp will be held from June 27 - July 1, 2022 at Belmont Abbey College in Belmont. The cost of the camp is $150.00.

Registration deadline is Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

If interested, please visit our website, or contact by email or phone either Sr. Mary Raphael at (704) 370-3402 or Lainie Lord at (704) 370-3401.


Install of New HVAC Units

Thanks to your generosity, we are now able to replace three of the oldest units in the church! This will be happening likely before the end of May. This is a big relief especially with the summer months coming. With your continued support, we hope to tackle the units that need it in Aquinas Hall next!

New Virtual Tours of the Church!

Paul Johnson recently put together a great new virtual tour of the church, the baldacchino, and more! Check it out here!

Totus Tuus Registration is Live!

Registration Form here!

Next First Saturday - June 4

8:30 a.m. Holy Hour of Reparation - canceled due to Diaconate Ordination
10:00 a.m. No Mass at St. Thomas - please try to attend the ordination to the diaconate of our seminarian Chinonso at St. Mark in Huntersville! Check out the 1st Saturday Devotional Booklets in the Narthex.  Please leave the copies in the narthex when you are done with them. If you'd like a personal copy, please let us know, and we will print you one.  We also have the devotions, and a pdf of the booklet on our website here!

Fatima Processions

Every 13th of the month from May to October at 7:30 p.m.  First one is Friday, May 13th.

Rosary for the Poor Souls in Purgatory

Mondays at 11:00 a.m. in the Columbarium

Baccalaurate Mass 

All members of our parish who are graduating high school, college, or post-graduate are invited to be recognized for your achievements during our annual Baccalaureate Mass. E-mail Sister Jessica if you wish to participate, and include your school and degree (if applicable) by June 5. Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, June 12 at 5:00 p.m. with a reception to follow in Aquinas Hall. Congratulations! 

Online Givers!

Credit Card and Bank Transaction fees amount to $14,000 a year.  You can help us cover these fees through a click of a button.  Please consider offsetting this 5% charge by logging into your OSV giving account and marking the box in the funds you contribute to!  

Gardeners Needed

If you have a green thumb, please contact us about helping take care of our beautiful gardens.  We need more hands to help weed, water, and plant!  E-mail Monica for more info! 

Altar Server Training

If you are a young man who has received First Holy Communion, we encourage you to serve at the altar.  Many priestly vocations were birthed from assisting the priest at the altar!  If you are interested in serving the Novus Ordo Mass, E-mail Deacon Martin.  stmartinpfu@hotmail.com
Latin Mass training: daniel.carter@windstream.net

St. Joseph 7-Day Family Devotional

In honor of this great saint, the Fraternity of St. Joseph invites you and your family to pray this special 7 day devotional with your family.  Download them here.

Are You Striving for Sainthood?

This examination is adapted from the official questionnaire that is used when the Church is investigating the worthiness for beatification and canonization of Catholics. They are the questions that are asked of the witnesses who knew the person in question when they were alive. It is a truly great examination of how we are doing, and what type of goals we can set in order to truly live our Catholic faith.  Are we striving to be saints?  There are only saints in Heaven. 

Parish Synod Listening Session

The Holy Father Pope Francis is asking the faithful to contribute to the upcoming Synod of Bishops by prayerfully considering its topic, “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission.”

If you were unable to attend our listening session, please submit your reflections here.

Congrats Fr. Matthew & Deacon Chinonso

Please contribute to our reception honoring Fr. Matthew's 10th Anniversary of Ordination, and Deacon Chinonso's Ordination to the Transitional Deaconate on Sunday, June 5 after the 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Masses.  Bring a dish by signing up here.   NOTE: Due to the Deaconate Ordination on June 4, there will be no First Saturday Mass or Devotions & Blessings that morning.

Volunteer at St. Thomas!

If you have been attending Mass, we hope you can assist us with basic needs during the Liturgy! E-mail Deacon Joe Diaz and thanks for your help!

  • Ushers
  • Readers
  • Collection of Offertory
  • Altar Serving for young men 

New!  Society of St. Martin de Porres

Learn more about Catholic Traditions of the minority cultures and encourage more participation of the minority community in parish life.  Info Meeting will be held on May 22 after the 12:15 p.m. Mass in the Parish Center.  Email for more information here. 

Monthly Way of the Cross

For the intention of loved ones who have left the church.  3:00 p.m. every fourth Sunday -- May 22.

New! Prayer Apostolate of Reparation Through Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus

Every Tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m, folks will be gathering in the church for this devotion. Please consider attending if you can.  Why is this important?

In 1843, Jesus revealed to Sister Mary of St. Peter, a Carmelite nun in Tours, France, that reparation for the sins of atheism, blasphemy, and the profanation of Sundays and Holy Days was imperative. An Archconfraternity was established in 1885 to facilitate this work of reparation looking to St. Veronica as their model.

All STA parishioners are encouraged to seriously consider participating as much as possible in the work of reparation through this devotion, imitating the actions of the holy woman Veronica. In her desire to alleviate, in whatever way she could, the sufferings inflicted on Jesus by His executioners during His Passion, Veronica wiped the filth from His Holy Face.

By praying the prayers of reparation, and striving to promote the faithful observance of the first three commandments of the Lord, we seek to alleviate the sufferings our Lord endures from atheists, blasphemers, and those who profane His Holy Days. “Let us, therefore, wipe the august Face of the Savior, soiled with the spittle of blasphemers, and He will wipe our soul, soiled with the spittle of sin.” - Sr. Mary of St. Peter (Manual of the Holy Face p. 363) 

Back to Summer Food Drive

Bags will be distributed by the Troops of St. George the weekend of May 22 and can be dropped off June 5.  This drive supports families who need food assistance when the school year is out. 

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Annual Report 2021
Click here for a synopsis of our parish events and financials for the past year!